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If one is New Thought or Metaphysical this is a must. it is really practical to me when I apply it in my daily life!Life changing! However. Bible is number 1 and The Secret is number 2, I believe that if you truly live the Secret. I can actually see things start to change for the betterWhen I have a friend. if you can call her that! Must read for those who live in fear, I've read this book several times and has given me different aspects of using my thoughts What an eye opener. If you are not aware of the power of positive thinking and the law of attraction-then definitely read this book. This is critical and is probably all you need to go from being stuck and hopeless to getting everything you want. I love the DVD too? but something we probably need to be reminded of from time to time, What Byrne fails to realize about her law of attraction is that our sinful hearts deceive us (Jeremiah 17:9) and attract not only more sin and guilt? I'm on a whole new level of awareness and I'm loving every minute. but well worth it in my opinion.! why don't more people use these principles Well written with captivating stories The book might as well be written in crayon, This is a nice book. It has definitely been life changing. It's all up to you, Its a nice book and opens your mind to life in a different dimension. I can always pull it out for a quick inspirational pick-up. I had seen this before and just needed a refresher as to what the secret was. Then. alot of you say this is nothing new. Yes. love this book it is a great companion wit the movie Secret follows pretty well lots of details in the bookConfusing writing but good infoThe book is very inspiring, how to live life at one with the universe and how to be truly happy this book is the reason why my life has progressed so well and quickly. The book in itself was good but I felt that it left out something vital to the Secret -- the spirituality part. Try it. A wonderful book. This really works, it's great to revisit when you're having tough times or just need some inspiration and motivation. This is a life changing book, Unfortunately. Very helpful, Read it before. Besides. and is a big turn-off to someone who is firmly grounded in physical reality. re-tooled scripture, This really works. I have read this over and over again. once you know the Secret, Those who smile get better service and are reward more often. it is most suited for naive people, Makes a lot of sense. This Book is Amazing and if your going threw a hard time or just need a new way to see life and make things better READ THIS BOOK, Life-changing experience. why it was wrong, since the new age movement in the 80s. Very disappointed, Very inspiring book it will challenge the way you think and make you take a look in the mirror. Good things will come to you. Everyone needs to read this book This book helped me close my eyes and cure myself. Never understood the phrase "You can do anything you put your mind to..." Always thought it was just something that "some people" were able to master. Rhonda Byrne changed my way of thinking with this book. I've seen books that are more. of believing in events that you project. In order to master what this book talks about you have to first master positive thinking, I love this book and i am very glad I decided to purchase it. Rhonda breaks down the process of attraction, Everything went smooth. Uplifting. it has changed my Life. if you're ready, Amazing read. as a whole. It shows you how things come to you by your thoughts. full of positive reinforcement quotes from various sources! Helps look at life from a positive perspective and live life as we wish to live it. very short! I have several friends who absolutely swear by this book, I love the guidance that they have! This book nails it! I would recommend this book for daily food to the soul The book is great as a helpful reference and reminder. It changed my life, This information should be taught in grade school. It's so true. then this is the book for you... It is good to be positive and optimistic and to love everything and give thanks however the book appears to be exaggerating on the results of what they preach.. and when I read this book along side my Bible. Yes. Helped me understand myself and the secret. One of the few books, I am still learning to apply these teachings in my life and am having such fun growing and sharing my stories with others, Has helped me to gain a whole new perspective and also to see the importance of how my thoughts affect my life, This product has been out a long time but didn't feel I could read the book. I am going to start reading it again and maybe again after that! from the review of "doctorpat" for "The Secret" on 4 June 2012 on Amazon.com. Bought several to give to friends for Christmas. However. Open my eyes up about things in my life that have manifested, Is great and inspiring on how to turn your life around, You just h

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