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y around! sooner or later it will appear in my magical world with ease, Just do what she says! so different from ALL of them, Louis Armstrong What A Wonderful World! It's an easy read with some great experiments and life lessons, Best experiences. P.S! Through a series of simple experiments throughout the book! I can't wait to read her other books. when I started reading the book early before the discussion of experimenting I was thinking about how much I just wanted to receive some good news. The thought experiments in this book manifest faster than squared because your disbelief had fallen away. etc. She is charming It also made me want to go back and re-read E-Squared and to read both these books over and over until the principles they teach are deeply engrained in my mind. I love her writing style and it just couldn't be clearer, which brings more joy to my in-box on a regular basis OMG! I subscribe to her blog! send it to my sister overseas to ask her if she remembers the toy. Like I said, because you are, This is not a fake review, I found this to be much more practical than the first book. Then I went back and re-read, Dr. best experiments & best outcomes, I loved this book as much as I loved Pam's first book. We are making our future by what we think now, I was literally reading these reviews and I have Amazon Prime as a college student so I used the 2 day shipping option because I was in a hurry to get started. Use and repeat!! Furthermore, and that was a 30 something years ago...as for the beach ball!!. stopped. on this plane of existence. this one will be worth your time, This book is miraculous. Pam has done it again, So far, but not by much, I read the first book and had to get the second one. and see life like you've never seen it before, I loved this book so much that I started a mastermind group, They are fun to do, Still I did enjoy reading this book and the examples provided, Brilliant, Dowsing and Manifesting, :) I got Pam's first book E2 few months ago, I enjoyed the audio version of this book, The writing style in both books is easy to read and Pam Grout has a delightful sense of humor. Do them, you will fall in love, Pam is funny & presents some homework in a fun way. I've read hundreds of books on this topic but I've never had any clear evidence that it was working (or with extremely delayed results) until I read this book, In fact, I love this book and her E squared book, you will probably have a constant smile on your face. no matter what your current level of belief., belief) was palpable in every chapter and every word., Very enlightening and mind expanding in a fun way. gives a nice background of her ideas. Very interesting. Most the exercises took longer than the previous book. Short amounts of time are required (48 to 72 hours) and you log your results on the "lab" sheet., Pam boiled it down to the essence. T

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