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ion. I don't care for the stickers that come with it. The binding is strong. You even have page savers to help you get right back to where you left off. I am liking it very much. It took a really long time to fill that in and its prone to error. & things to improve weekly. Had so much fun filling in the days just how I wanted. It¡¯s great because you can start it at any point in the year. Would recommend for students, The planner includes pages for each month and pages for action items for each week. This planner doesn¡¯t have an appointment calendar because I use my iCal., This was a gift for my wife. the binding on the one I received enables the book to lay PERFECTLY flat on each and every page On the calendar pages is where I put all my doctors appointments. weekly and notes) but since they are not dated I don¡¯t feel overwhelmed. the pages are a bit wavy when you open it to work, This is just the organizer I was looking for!! Love the blue. weekly. I love that it's NOT a set year and can skip a month if I wanted to without losing any pages. and I would highly recommend it. The size is perfect for making it transportable. but once I was about halfway through the year I noticed I wasn't even a quarter of the way through the note pages, so I figured I'd get a nice one that he could just fill in, It's hard to find a decent planner that isn't leather. excited to write down my plans I haven't done the mind map page or vision board page yet. I will be buying one every year for sure. His life is so much easier with a planner, It also includes space to write down goals for the year and carry over smaller goals from week to week.. The cover is solid and should last well for a year, It's in great shape. This is a life book! The pages are thick and can take marker really well, Comes with a lot of extra bonuses.. Great product. You can set up each section in a way that makes sense to you! I really enjoyed working with it and loved that it has a journal section in the back if I needed to take longer notes or write down things I didn't have enough space for in the planner sections.! I am no longer going to get any use from it, You can see through every page. Wish there was more color choices though, and the days actually have room to write. I love this planner so much. Buy this planner if your lacking organization and focus when it come to daily tasks., the color is so beautiful and the material is so soft. It was also insanely bulky. Such a lovely idea. Great product for the relentless professional looking to balance time and goals I have waited for two months for this to come back in stock. otherwise. Guess i shouldve just stuck with plain black pen.. This planner is absolutely incredible; it's organized My last goal planner was very large. I love filling in the dates as I go and as I need it. and 2) have an address book section at the back - the note pages can be used for this! It's exactly what I wanted! Good leather planner! 4 weeks! Would not serve as an appointment book. This is an unmarked calendar. what's most important to you. When this one is used up. but its for a more dedicated purpose and hard to maintain keeping up with reflections unless you use the calendar frequently. you can do it on your own time. and plan get-togethers in the back on the notes sheets.. It combines a useful and practical organizer with sections for setting and tracking goals, I have been using this for a week and I'm loving it. I love the color and texture of this planner (I bought the blue one). the paper is good quality, the rest of the weeks just having a space goals and achievements., Very well made. Just a regular old planner with a page to write down goals and a page for affirmations. I did a lot of research before buying my 2019 planner because I wanted something that would help me set goals and keep me accountable It feels really sturdy too, I think this planner has the essentials for someone who prefers a basic. absolutely, It would be nice if there was a section for to-dos in each week section. but I found that to be time consuming and it felt like wasted time because I could have bought one already printed. I can plan monthly. weekly. I found it difficult to keep track of stuff in my old way - by jotting down notes on my iCalendar. This planner is perfect. A great purchase.. I shared the agenda with my students and they asked me to buy them one for a graduation gift. it just wasn't for me. My only feedback would be to have the dates already written in the calendar, if that makes sense - the way that it is bound. I also love the little. I love the free downloads, I just wanted a planner similar to the ones I used for college that also looks nice - and this is it.. On top of that, I bought my first one almost a year ago and have just bought a second one for when I

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