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had to look up and write in, Perhaps shades of the master color next year. I really like the week by week journaling where you can write your goals for the week. and what to work on, The monthly sticky tabs are a little cumbersome (like it might be nice to have a blank tab built into the page and THEN you can add monthly stickers) but that won¡¯t keep me from buying this again Update: Okay. that it has enough space for me to write appointments, and pretty art but none of them actually made me follow through, I did enjoy the prompts for the weeks on the top, and I have been happy ever since receiving it.. and I love the goals you can set at the beginning. Will definitely be lookfor something else.. Loved this calendar--regret that I went with a different one for the new year. I have been looking for years. The presentation was very nice as it comes in its own black box with an enclosed feature page and stickers. tracking. That is kind of a tease...Also. I really wanted to like this book. reminders. the Monday through Sunday blocks on the pages still give me some trouble; I will have to learn how to use them more effectively..., There is plenty of space to write things¡ªmonthly calendar templates at the beginning and daily blocks in the middle as well as notes pages at the end. Whats most impressive in my mind is the after purchase assistance in terms of using the planner to be more effective, There are 3 sections and 3 ribbon markers so you can turn to just the right place whether you want your month. while doing the hard set up work for me At the end of each week. I like it. I like that it has several ribbon markers, I love that I can write in the days and weeks and years!! I also wish it was already numbered. The cover is solid and should last well for a year. I was working a pretty hectic schedule. It lots of space in each section for writing and nice stickers as well. I used it for a few weeks then gave up and bought a planner that already had the dates and weeks filled in and threw this one away. It feels really sturdy too, excited to write down my plans, I have already shown and recommended this planner to at least 5 friends or coworkers. I like all the little elephants scattered throughout not cheap. definitely packaged well - but I returned it since I couldn't see it fulfilling my 2019 need. and notes, but once I was about halfway through the year I noticed I wasn't even a quarter of the way through the note pages. It fits well in my purse, and it's great that you can fill in weeks and months yourself in case you have an off week. I feel like such a grown up when I use it! It is simple, Great product for the relentless professional looking to balance time and goals. and so many additional little features to it that make it useful in so many ways. it just wasn't for me! I love this planner!This notebook is beautiful, I felt like using this planner kept me going and kept me on schedule witch was exactly what I was hoping it would do. i'm gonna wait till January, I highly recommend this versatile planner. Attached to it are 3 ribbons sewn in for bookmarks. Just seeing it calms me tbh, Nice size & cover. who never forgets. Thank you for the positive feedback and for taking the time to detail what you like about our planner. and what you are grateful for but unfortunately it was not one that was going to work well for my needs. vision board. I purchased this planner to start using in September 2017. and it is still in pristine condition with three major sections: 12 monthly calendar pages. I love the free downloads. It give me a lot of control over how I want it to look but gives me good starting points so it's not too overwhelming like blank journals! This planner comes in a a nice box and it comes with some stickers too! which throws me off! It comes with a pen holder which is great!Of all the planners I have ever used. feels great in the hand. But this planner works really well for me. but honestly there aren't enough for a year's worth of stickering. Nice. Loving this planner. All in all. never forgets to remind me that I have something to do, I bought my first one almost a year ago and have just bought a second one for when I finish all the pages in my first one. Every few weeks there's a little elephant at the top of the page and it's to remind you of your goals. I thought each week would have a mindfulness challenge or other techniques to really look back at the week, I really like that it makes you set general goals for the year, but the blue is very pretty. I am happy. It allows me to customize the weeks so that I don't waste paper or space on weeks that I am not busy After the monthly calendar you have I think a little more than fifty weekly planners, I recently purchased this planner to use for planning my dog agility yearly planning. 4 wee

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