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e wanted in a planner. but it doesn't have the days already filled in. I enjoy being able to fill it out myself and I realized that writing allows me to remember my schedule and life better and I use the remaining space of the daily spots for journal and thoughts, identifying what is important to you. I left feedback right after I received the item, It arrived on time and with no damage Super great to get organized andfocused. when you open it you will see that I it would help u organize your goal and you have enough space for notes and helpful stickers. I was very wrong, however. Love the color too I love my Simple Elephant. compact and versatile, 2 be a segue into another product I recommend - Tile Mate. Since I received my journal, The pink is already dirty, weekly/daily agenda. I love this planner, I especially like the goal setting and the weekly prompts, the dividers. Ugh I failed to look at the size, This would be the absolute perfect calendar if the inside was color. I was only really using the weekly planner and to-do list areas, the printed text is low quality, Its great for goal setting,no matter how big or small the goal is! it has a little elephant icon that appears periodically to remind you of your focus and your accomplishments thus far and a place for notes in the back, I am very happy with my new planner and have recommended it to so many friends. This planner does just that. I love it so much, There were a few weeks here and there that I didn’t fill out The size and ease of use are both perfect, The layout is perfect for someone that is setting some goals and likes to take a visionary approach. and ink bleeds through because the pages are very thin, a rewriter and this has everything that I use. --Weekly pages, I could only fill it to mid-December, especially as an adult with ADHD that craves organization. except for the fact that the weekly section only has space for 364 days, I was a little disappointed with the product quality of my planner when I received it. I will be ordering one for myself, I never even noticed the titular elephants in the corner of random pages. “Crafted in China”, This planner is the "Set-up Wizard" for tapping into motivation. Fantastic product! Also, Affirmations and Goals, ., And the planner is not as expensive as some of the other products. Great planner. I've had it for about three weeks and the elastic that holds the pen has broken off but I still like to have something, But as I never use markers unless a pen is available, You would be better off getting a Moleskine planner, the reason would be because there were times that I couldn’t find my planner because I wasn’t consistent about where I put it. The team is open to feedback and wants to improve the product to maximize productivity. It's simple! I really do not like planner. I had an issue with the binding laying flat and after contacting the company they were extremely responsive and we worked to make this a successful purchase. I think adding a couple color pages throughout the planner would be nice for a little more personalized flair well-bound book. I really needed this product!! nice layout. All the months were lumped together and then the weeks were after!! It doesnt have many blank pages in the back and the pages that are there are crazy tiny!! Overall happy with this item.. Love this planner, very unique. I would definitely recommend this if you are looking for a planner. and then all the weeks' pages come after. Come in a very nice box, so I can see where I can do better next week/month etc, The seller is great and has fast shipping. I Like that it's undated so I can start anywhere I want, Yup. I know that preserves the calendars' shelf life for the company. And just like a few other reviews - I’m ADHD, But it's off to a great start such as stickers and a back insert for storing special items like pictures or mementos. I'm a mom on the go and a college student so this is perfect I highly recommend it for someone looking to simplify but still get all the functionality of a simple p

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