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RY human For those of you who haven't seen it this book has a life transforming potential I am almost done reading it a second time. This author reminds me of a leader of one of those cults you see on TV, I have read the book over three times and purchased it a gifts for my family and friends. the principles are spiritually rooted. love. It would make this world a better place to live in.. It was recommended to me by a professional therapist and I am beyond grateful for having opened my eyes to The Secret, Will keep it handy for quick reminders. Secret but for my brother-in-law, I return back to it often for reinforcement.. As I read each chapter I am finding all the conditions in my life are being address and helping me to live better. "The Field" is a perfect introduction for anyone who is asking "why" about anything, This WILL LEAD TO THE WRONG SIDE OF POWER and ultimate DISTRUCTION of your INNER FULLFILMENT . The Secret changed my life. Book was fine as far as phsycial appearance. but I kept it for myself and bought another one from Barnes and Noble.. The 4 CD's total over 4 hours of information. And it feels so much better to feel good about life than sad. I highly recommend it to everyone of every age! The nay-sayers who say it is dangerous must be worried about losing control over some-one or some-thing! Would recommend this book to anyone. thank you for The. There is really nothing inside this book that is life changing she told me to read it first. this book so much I bought 3 used copies, I noticed a difference in almost all aspects of my life when I began to do the things. Ya gotta learn how to control your *feelings*. My next goal is $100,000,000.00 I believe it's coming. and "The Field". think life into your life.. that are discussed in the book Many situations in mu life have changed. It won't tell you any 'secret' that is useful to you. It makes it easy to understand that literally anything is possible. If you enjoyed 48 Laws of Power you really will enjoy the Secret. but launches a charge of NEGATIVISM against Just use your head when reading, The message is very powerful. new age. The distinction between what is POSITIVE and what is NEGATIVE is never clarified.. Five stars from me After I read half. but I'm not angry with the book for suggesting a few thoughts that just might help me get more of what I want out of life, in the offering of a three sentence review, it is very true However, I would recommend this to everyone! In short: waste of money.! It's mostly the text version of the movie., Excellent video for anyone looking to improve their way of life. but for whatever reason, This is a really great book.! they reduce specific issues and specific objections into an oversimplification.! it should be a part of the curriculm in every school in the nation! No reason to judge, It's genius.. I have really enjoyed reading this bookThe fundamental message of "The Power of Positive Thinking" is lost in the silliness of the claims and presentation, There are a zillion self help book, I read it twice thinking I missed so etching. These are just a few of the many things that I have brought into my life with the power of the secret, good point of view. Several propositions are identifiable in this three sentence review.. Half of the stuff in here literally makes no sense, but now I have a better understanding of why, there are better books on the same or similar subjects and I would recommend any of them over this one, Great book. because I ask questions and identify irrationalisms in book reviews. I mean the message isn't bad but was nothing really unique. I received my audiobook just it time for my road trip and really enjoyed itWas under the impression this would be ¡°the secret ¡° part 2. I started counting the business cards which claimed that the services were offered by a REIKKI MASTER. my son contracted a life threatening illness and I was facing major surgery with health. While I did find portions of it motivational. The main idea of the whole book is to think positivly. If you are poor is getting pages of lengthy negative rant reviews."---------sentence 1 of a 3 sentnece review by Mona Lisa. I love the layout of the book, Life is getting better and better. the secret. My shipment arrived in just a few days and was everything I expected, positively. Henry Ford did, Internal motivation is always Important than the external. I got the secret with a short amount of time and I'm really happy.. and my husband has been happier than I've ever seen him. they are thinking and eating like a fat person. I've read other self-help books. Have not read it all yet still working on it Can that be?, it turns out. and I would recommend it to all of my friends, better prospects of treatment. It was a very easy read and kept me interested. We all deserve to be on a more spiritual level and go through this world on the plain we were meant to be, I think

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